Friday, September 7, 2012

SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.90 Apk App

About SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.90 Apk App This is a short guide explaining how you can install an app you found here on your phone. I’m also going to show you a way that’s a lot easier then the standard method everyone uses.

Please make sure your phone has “SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.90 Apk App apk” enabled in it’s settings! To check this go to Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources and check the box.

You have two options, either put the Download SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.90 Apk App apk file onto your phone’s SD card or download and install it directly from your phone.

Sorry We Dont Have SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.90 Apk App Cheat Android.Another thing is to simply install a file manager app like Astro File Manager, browse the APK and install it. Remember This applications Only For Smartphone SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.90 Apk App Android

The current version of SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.90 Apk App Apk needs to run on Android 1.6 or later, in order to make better use of the CPU capacity, we have optimized and built three different Android GamesSMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.90 Apk App, for higher, medium and lower mobile phones. You can choose to download from your mobile browser, click the button to complete the installation, and you can also download the SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.90 Apk App .Apk file from PC and use the installation tool to install the SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.90 Apk App Apk. Enjoy Guys and Lets Begin SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.90 Apk App Android Games

Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD

Overview: A simple App to Backup and Restore SMS Messages. This is a Paid No-Ads version of the Ad-Supported Free App.

 * Automatic Scheduled Backups.

 * View Backup Contents.

 * Backups created in XML Format on the SD Card.

 * Option to backup selected conversations only.

 * MMS not supported yet.

 * FAQs at

 NOTE: There is a known problem with some firmware versions of the Droid X and Droid 2 phones that the restored messages do not get the correct time stamps.

 This App needs the following permissions to work:

 * Storage - modify/delete SD card contents (android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): To create the xml file on the SD card.

 * Your messages - edit SMS or MMS, read SMS or MMS (android.permission.READ_SMS, android.permission.WRITE_SMS): Needed to read SMS during backups and write them during restore.

 * Your personal information - read contact data (android.permission.READ_CONTACTS): To display and store the contact names in the backup file.

 * System tools - prevent phone from sleeping (android.permission.WAKE_LOCK): To prevent the phone from going to sleep/suspended state while a backup or restore operation is in progress.

 * Hardware controls - control vibrator (android.permission.VIBRATE): To vibrate the phone when the backup or restore operation is completed.


 - Finnish - Thanks to Juhana H.

 - Russian - Thanks to Pavel (Павел Миронов)

 - Spanish - Thanks to Miguel A. Alvarez

 - French - Thanks to Julien Benoist

 What's in this version:

 Note: If you intend to do a factory reset on the phone, please make sure you save/email a copy of the backup outside the phone before doing the reset.


 - Support for detection of external storage cards

 - Inbuilt file/folder browser

 - Holo based theme and ActionBar support

 - Open Conversation from Search result.

 - Lots of other internal changes


 - Some minor bug fixes.


 - Dropbox support, needs Add-On v2.0+

Download Instructions: